Section for road and building construction machinery


This section of the activities of Taromi Trading began with a wide spectrum of such machinery which were purchased from the EU and imported to Iran and was gradually concentrated in some sections:


We are at your service to give you more information, in case you are a purchaser or a seller of any of the products of these sections.


1- Section for tower cranes

The products of this section - of the activities of Taromi Trading – are divided into two general groups of Liebher and Potain. Libher belongs to Germany and Potain belongs to France. Their supply is perfectly from the EU for import to Iranian domestic market and to the neighboring countries. From among the machinery of Liebher group we can name, “Liebher 63 HC” with the capacity of 6 M.T., “83 HC,” and “90 HC” with higher capacities. In order to satisfy the customers, the existing capacities are 6, 8, 10, and 12 M.T.

From among the machinery of Potain group, we suggest the capacities of 8, 10, and 12 M.T. The above-mentioned capacities are used much and are of interest to Iranian market. All the products of this group are in sound conditions, with the German TUV standard to ensure their applications.

Taromi Trading is ready to receive the purchasers’ orders and to supply them with their required product from the EU depending, on the possibilities and the market stock. It is also ready to receive information on the stocks of the sellers about the products of the above groups.



2- Section for compressors and mine machinery

This section is divided into three groups of “Atlascopco” for air compressors, “Demag” for air compressors, and the group for various machinery. In the first two groups, the compressors are available with “Deutz” engines with 2-12 cylinders and the rotary air system. In the group for various machinery, machinery like wagon drills, gas hammers, etc. are available.



3- Section for shut cretes and concrete pumps

In this section, all machinery belong to the German company “Putzmeister,” and are divided into two general groups:

A- Concrete pumps which are fixed and mobile along with towers of concrete pumps
B- Shut cretes which are available in different varieties



4- Section for power shovels and excavation equipment

In this section, considering the current market demand, different products from minishovels of “Kobota” to power shovels of “Komatsu” line 6 are supplied, depending on the order and the Iranian market demand.



5- Section for electric and power supply generators

This section is related to diesel power supply generators with “Deutz” engines, 4-8 cylinders, and an electricity supply rate of 100 KVA – 500 KVA. The machinery supply depends on the order and the Iranian market demand.



6- Section for various machinery and products

In this section, various and diverse machinery in the field of road and building construction are available. We are ready to reply to your questions and suggestions in this reghard.