Section for foodstuff, industrial & chemical materials


Taromi Trading is active in supplying and importing these materials from all over the world to Iran and does supply the required materials for factories and domestic customers.




1- Section for foodstuff

In this section, prepared foodstuff in different packaging (ready for use) are supplied for Iranian users. This section of the activities of Taromi Trading is new and for it, we look forward to receiving your orders and suggestions.

Some products of this section include:

A variety of seasoned cheese, pizza cheese, and supermarket foodstuff with the cooperation of colleague companies


2- Category for industrial materials

In this category, the required materials for domestic industries of Iran are prepared and supplied by us. Some materials included in this category are, soybean, corn, barley, palm meal, and vanilla.

If you are a purchaser or seller of these products, you are kindly invited to consult with us.



3- Section for chemical materials

In this section, required chemical materials of Iranian industries are prepared and supplied from the EU (Germany in particular), depending on the domestic orders.

You can contact us should you have any suggestions or orders.